What do dairy farmers get for their milk?

During our #Februdairy campaign, we noticed a lot of untrue and misleading information being shared across social media – one statement in particular stood out to us; ‘dairy farmers are rolling in money’ or ‘dairy farmers are doing it for all the profit’. Now, we aren’t ones to be confrontational, but we do like to work with facts so we looked into the last published average prices for milk (which were very generous!) plus published average production prices and worked it down to a rough hourly rate that dairy farmers are getting for milking then created a few bits of content to put out.

And in infographic form…

Our results did not disappoint – appearing to be a passionate subject for the farming industry, we reached over 55,000 people’s feeds in less than 24 hours.

We really felt that what we do as Forage Technology fits in with the subject of income, with dairy farmers wages being so small when worked out hourly we really don’t want a penny being wasted. Check out our silage inoculant pages and see how we can help you keep more of what you cut, improve feeding value and lower your dry matter losses.

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