8 Reasons To Buy Local


  1. Support your local economy. By buying locally you are putting wealth back into your local community and supporting small family run businesses.
  2. It’s better for the environment. Transporting food via planes, trucks, trains and ships contributes highly to pollution. Buying local produce from local shops eliminates all those travel miles!
  3. Less packaging. Another benefit to the environment – plastic packaging is extremely detrimental to wildlife and the oceans. Buying locally means less plastic needs to be used, and you have the option to bring reusable packaging!
  4. It’s healthier food. Locally bought food is a lot fresher as it’s less travelled, this means it’s full of more nutrients! It’s also not full of pesticides and preservatives, as small farms have much better control of this and less need for them than factory farms.
  5. Support your local farmers. More of your money goes back to the farmers producing the food. For example, farmers can get as low as 14p per litre for milk from supermarkets, buying locally means they could get quadruple that back!
  6. Reduce deforestation in other countries. Western pressures for exotic fruits and vegetables are having a terrible impact on forests in other countries to keep up with the demands, it also makes those fruits and veg extortionate prices in those countries for the locals.
  7. Preserve our beautiful countryside. By supporting local farmers, we are keeping our countryside as green as by using it for agriculture rather than selling to property developers.
  8. Know where your food has come from. Not only can you feel better about supporting your community, being better for the environment and know you’re getting healthier food… You can also have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where it came from and how it got there. We are what we eat, so it’s important to know what we are eating.

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