Forage Technology was formed in 1989 by partners Colin Orr and Jem Clay alongside their other successful activities within the dairy and feed industries. The company immediately embarked on an intense programme of research culminating in the development of a new range of enzyme and microbial forage additives that have since been used on many millions of tonnes of forage across the UK.
In 2019, Forage Technology partnered with world-renowned Danish agri-biotechnology company Chr. Hansen A/S to become the exclusive UK business partner for their newly launched and ground-breaking stable of forage additives, the SiloSolveⓇ range. With the exciting partnership in place, Théa and Rikki joined the Forage Technology team as full time staff to create a skilled and customer facing in-house marketing team.
With many decades of industry experience combined with a thoroughly modern outlook, we work with companies, sales teams and farmers to try ensure that forage is conserved as efficiently as possible, milk produced cost-effectively and animal welfare is enhanced.

At Forage Technology we are not only very proud of our research background and the product range we represent but also the high level of integrity and support we offer to our regional partners and farmer customers, from soil to shelf.
Colin Orr
Director & Nutritionist

Colin is a founding member of Forage Technology, and the brains behind all things additive. With 40 years of industry experience, he specialises in ruminant nutrition and silage microbiology, and has various peer reviewed literature to his name. He was the founder of AgBag Europe PLC and has also in recent years worked as the Chr. Hansen European technical consultant.  Outside of work, he's a keen rock musician, talented guitarist, and Father Ted enthusiast.

Jem Clay
Commercial Director

Jem manages the commercial side of Forage Technology and has been a well known figure in the feed and nutrition sector for over thirty years. He began his career as a cattle specialist for a national feed compounder before setting up Alltech in the UK, a company he ran for over twenty years. During this time he launched and established a large number of products that were new to the UK market, including a range of forage additives.
When not at work, Jem is usually to be found out in the countryside with his dog or riding his motorbike around the roads of Leicestershire.

Rikki Hanson-Orr
Administration/Junior Nutritionist

Rikki is one half of the new marketing team for Forage Technology, she's a talented artist and graphic designer with a degree in English & Linguistics, and a masters in Drama, so brings plenty of creativity to the Forage Technology table. She has previous experience in digital marketing having worked in the television industry, and is also a keen musician and singer, maintaining a YouTube channel of her music for almost ten years.

Théa Hanson-Orr
Marketing/Junior Nutritionist

Théa is the other half of the in house marketing team. She has a wealth of experience from an incredibly diverse background in management, digital marketing for business and events organisation on a large scale (from weddings to boxing matches!). Her musical interests and talent sway towards modern and jazz, and she is also a long time martial artist.