SiloSolve FC contains two new and unique strains of bacteria, these strains are unique to SiloSolve and not available in any other inoculant, anywhere.
The key to preserving silage is the removal of oxygen from the clamp.
L. lactis (O-224) rapidly removes oxygen from the clamp, a process that takes only 6 hours! The silage fermentation is stabilized very quickly, without heat, with a low level of lactic acid and the oxygen removal makes sure that the spoilage organisms, yeasts and moulds, are unable to grow.
The second bacteria in SiloSolve FC, L. buchneri, produces acetic acid to eliminate any remaining yeasts and moulds, protecting the feed value in the forage meaning more energy and protein available for milk or meat production.

The main benefits of SiloSolve® FC:

✔️ For use on all conventional crop types.

✔️ Improved productivity (more milk/meat!)

✔️ Early opening, after just 7 days.

✔️ Inhibits up to 98 % of yeast & moulds.

✔️ Improved nutrient retention.


We all like the weather conditions to be perfect when making silage., unfortunately, we also know that we can’t rely on the Great British Summer and  we need an inoculant that can deal with the challenges when ensiling conditions are less than perfect.
SiloSolve MC addresses these problems via it’s unique formulation, it contains three strains of bacteria, all unique to Chr. Hansen:
L. plantarum (CH 6072) and E.faecium (DSM 22502) deliver a rapid, controlled production of lactic acid to quickly lower the pH. and inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria. 
The final, and most important organism is Lactococcus lactis (SR3.54) 
This strain of L.lactis is a “hunter killer” of Clostridia and other spoilage organisms and even has a patent for clostridia control. No producer wants to feed his livestock on forage that contains Clostridia and SiloSolve MC has been proven to dramatically lower Clostridia numbers when ensiling conditions are difficult.

The main benefits of SiloSolve® MC:

✔️ Inhibits clostridial bacteria (soil & slurry contamination)
✔️ Reduces ammonia by up to 50%
✔️ Improved productivity
✔️ Improves aerobic stability .
✔️ Reduces waste dramatically


Maneuver Lagoon, with its unique combination is an effective and affordable way to convert animal waste into high value fertiliser. 

One product to benefit slurry and soil. Tackle crusting, foaming, density, odours and gases. Improve soil health and crop development. 

The main benefits of Maneuver Lagoon:

✔️ Preserve nitrogen and other valuable nutrients

✔️ Absorbs geenhouse gases

✔️ Improve your soil health and structure

✔️ Improve root condition and development in crops

✔️ Reduce acidity in crops

✔️ Faster crop recovery after cutting

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