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SiloSolve FC contains two new and unique strains of bacteria, these strains are unique to SiloSolve and not available in any other inoculant, anywhere.
The key to preserving silage is the removal of oxygen from the clamp.
L. lactis (O-224) rapidly removes oxygen from the clamp, a process that takes only 6 hours! The silage fermentation is stabilized very quickly, without heat, with a low level of lactic acid and the oxygen removal makes sure that the spoilage organisms, yeasts and moulds, are unable to grow.
The second bacteria in SiloSolve FC, L. buchneri, produces acetic acid to eliminate any remaining yeasts and moulds, protecting the feed value in the forage meaning more energy and protein available for milk or meat production.

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Announcing our Collaboration with Trident MicroNutri

Trident MicroNutri collaborate with Forage Technology to create new biological farming model Trident MicroNutri, an AB Agri company and, a leading feed additive distributor, has partnered with growing family business Forage Technology, to pioneer a new microbial farming model aimed

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We’re celebrating maize season with an A-MAIZE-ING giveaway! We’re about to hit 2,000,000 treated tonnes of silage in 2023 – to celebrate, we are giving away a selection of prizes hidden in every box of Silosolve bought between now and

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Is Silage Additive Really Worth Sacrificing?

For the first time in roughly two years, milk price cuts have been announced, ranging anywhere from 0.23ppl to a huge 3ppl. Understandably, some may now be scrambling to make savings to cover this difference, fully aware that the cost

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Step Out of The 80s

Are you still stuck in the 80s when it comes to silage additives? It’s time to step out of the past and into the present with SiloSolve. Back in the old days, farmers were relying on basic options like lactic

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What is waste costing you?!

Forage Technology Ltd, UK business partner to the world’s largest and ‘most sustainable biotech company – Chr Hansen A/S – are currently supplying Generation 2 microbial inoculants to treat 2,000,000 tonnes of UK silage each year. With such a large

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