SiloSolve MC

Good silage shouldn’t be an accident.


SiloSolve® MC is designed for use on forages that are more difficult to ensile, such as…

  • Under 23% dry matter
  • High nitrogen
  • Low sugar
  • High buffering capacity
  • Slurry or soil contamination
SiloSolve® MC is for superior fermentation and microbial control

A variety of factors can make forages more difficult to ensile. SiloSolve MC was developed to ensure that even under the most challenging of circumstances, crops can be preserved with confidence. SiloSolve MC contains three unique organisms that ensure a controlled fermentation and reduce the risk of spoilage.

SiloSolve® MC will…
  •  Reduce the risk of Clostridial fermentation

SiloSolve MC contains the patented organism Lactococcus lactis SR3.54, which has been shown in trials to greatly reduce the growth of Clostridia in silage. SILOSOLVE® MC Graph

  •  Reduce protein degradation and ammonia


  • Improve feed efficiency & milk production


Further studies have shown that SiloSolve® MC will also: 

  • Improve dry matter recovery 
  • Reduce yeasts and mould challenges by up to 98%
  • Increase palatability

Under difficult ensiling conditions, don’t take the risk. Treat your silage with SiloSolve® MC.

What’s inside SILOSOLVE® MC

SiloSolve® MC is a silage additive containing three highly-selected strains of lactic acid bacteria. One strain (L. lactis SR3.54) is patented for its ability to reduce undesirable microbial fermentation. The other two direct and control overall fermentation.

Targeted crops include those that are ensiled at low dry matter concentrations or at high moisture where the risk of Clostridial fermentation is high. Also, SiloSolve® MC is effective on drought, hail-damaged or otherwise stressed whole plant maize for silage.