Silosolve FC


Good silage shouldn’t be an accident.

SiloSolve FC consistently produces silage preferred by dairy cows. SiloSolve FC promotes rapid, controlled fermentation and ensures that dry matter and nutrients from the field are preserved and available for your cows.


It is a unique, dual-action inoculant that improves aerobic stability and at the same time improves dry matter recovery over a broad range of dry matter and forages. While SiloSolveĀ® FC increased aerobic stability up to 30 days in university trials, dry matter recovery across crops was improved an average of 3,5% points compared to untreated silages.



So, treating silage with SiloSolve FC will…

– Improve the feeding value of silage
– Lower dry matter losses
– Improve aerobic stability
– Enable early feed out
– Create cool, highly palatable forages

Not to mention…

– Unique patented strains from the world’s leading agri biotech company
– Designed for use across all forages and dry matters
– Suitable for ULV application

It isn’t just ‘aerobic spoilage’ – it’s money!

Fermentation and respiration losses may seem a small problem, but over time they add up.
Here’s an example:

You wouldn’t tip your cow’s feed into the slurry out so why accept waste silage? With the SiloSolve range, and with good clamp management, DM loss can be minimised.

Keep more of what you cut. More Dry Matter. More Protein. More Value.

SiloSolve FC contains two important bacteria:

Lactococcus lactis (O-224)

– Rapid stabilisation of the fermentation, preventing spoilage
– Reduces dry matter loss
– Improves palatability
Lactobacillus buchneri (LB1819)

– Produces acetic acid to inhibit yeasts and moulds
– Produces diacetyl to increase palatability
-Reduces dry matter losses
– Improves stability at feedlot, even after only 7 days

Both unique to Chr Hansen and Silosolve!


How to use Silosolve

Silosolve FC comes in 200g sachets to treat 100 tonnes. Apply using clean. fresh water, up to 2L per tonne. Also suitable for ULV application.